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I am Grainne, from Ireland, mum to a 3 nearly 5 year old. I love food, cooking, shopping, finding new ingredients and most of all feeding people. I travel when I can and I think I was an Italian in a previous life. I love the smell of lemons and olive oil.  I love the simplicity of Italian cooking often including these 2 amazing ingredients.

I’m into fitness (have a personal trainer husband) and for something different have just gone back to adult gymnastics class after almost 30 years.

I’m very interested in the link between what we eat and how we feel but I’m not all tofu and hairshirts – I like to bake but believe in sharing the love a.k.a. the baked goods. I don’t believe in the concept of cheat day as I don’t think that is a good way to have to think about food.

I work for a technology company and have just returned to work after an amazing year off – A sabbatical to indulge my love of cooking, have some fun with my daughter and have a bit more ‘me’ time.  I did a 3 month full time cookery course at Dublin Cookery School, which was just amazing with an incredible array of top notch chefs and really passionate fun people at the school. Check it out if you have any interest in devoting some time to cooking. This blog is how I unwind, cooking is my meditation if you like, although its often late at night or mega early at the weekend when Im pot walloping around the kitchen.

I love comments and hope you will enjoy the recipes and thoughts I post.

G. x

52 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. peter hayes said:

    Enjoy….it.is a love affair…food I mean…passionate,frustrating..sometimes the oven wins but the adventure is the best…………the simplest ingedients brought to a new plane….like pan fried tomatoes,,,,,boring,,,,BUT add a good glug of balsamic vinegar and let thrm go sticky…….well …..just try
    enjoy it grainne!

  2. Hi, Thanks for your comments. Happy to take requests and if I have a good recipe I like, I will post. I dont include nutritional data for my recipes as Im not qualified in that department but will indicate highlights in future such as high in protein, good fats etc. Thanks for that.

  3. Your blog is so fresh and pretty! With the New Year fast approaching, I will be thinking more about healthy eating and less about puff pastry. Your posts and recipes will certainly help!


  4. anne hayden said:

    Hi grainne, Marie and I have logged in to get the recipe of the delicious crab creme brulee you did for last night’s party. Great website and amazing food . Anne H.

    • Hi Grainne,I was just wondering where you take gymnastics,I’d love to do a beginners class!

      • Hi there, I do it at Trojans on ballyogan road. It’s great fun. I did it in my youth so apart from being a fab workout it is fun trying out the moves again..

  5. Great blog Grainne – the Crab Brulee looks intriguing – now I’ll have something to try out in the flat !!!


    • Hi Paul, Happy new year and thanks!… Im guessing when you hear that the crab can be bruleed with a blow torch and you will be even more interested in trying it out!!…

  6. I am really impressed with your blog. Your food tastes fantastic and your blog looks really great – brillant recipes, well laid out and really pretty to look at too! Thanks for all the fantastic veggie recipes too!

  7. Love your blog and who you are. It tells so much about you and how you live life- I just love it. I will periodically stop in and say hello and see how life is going,
    with you. Cheers from the USA

  8. Shauna O Reilly said:

    Looks great Grainne, will definitely be stealing a few recipes! xx

  9. Thanks Grainne,you and your husband both have a great setup

  10. Hi :-) Stopped by to say thanks for stopping in at my blog and for the like. Wow … you are fortunate to have been granted a year off to have fun! :-) Enjoy your time and cooking and of course your little one. :-)

    • thank you so much. Yes it has been amazing to have the time off, I love every minute of it. Thanks for the hello and love your blog and your blog name too!..

  11. sarahordoyle@gmail.com said:

    Hi Grainne, I discovered your site through Dominic in CFI, I just love it :-)

    I’m looking for recipe for a protein snack for when I’m in work – can you recommend anything that I could prepare at the beginning of the week and will last through out?

    Thanks a mill :-)

    Sarah Doyle

    • Hi Sara
      thanks for your nice comments on my site. Here are my thoughts – A protein snack based on meat fish eggs cottage cheese etc would just not be nice after three days so you will have to make it at least once during the week.
      The other option then is to use a protein powder and make some snacks from that such as paleo bars or balls from nuts chocolate, coconut etc – Im sure you have seen Dom’s bars.
      For myself in work I usually prepare one or more of hummous, beetroot dip, cottage cheese dips, bring veggies, some hard boiled eggs and some slow roasted nuts and keep them in my little cooler bag if a fridge is not handy. All these dip recipes are on my blog if you check the index.
      Hope this helps!.

  12. sarahordoyle@gmail.com said:

    Hi Grainne, thanks for gettng back to me on this. Im going to try the paleo bars and balls (i didnt think of putting protein powder in them). Thanks a mill :-)

  13. Enjoy your time off to indulge your love for cooking. I look forward to reading more about your recipes, and will check back soon!

  14. I’m going to try your sweet sweet potatos this weekend…they sound delicious. Have to buy some sweet paprika though! Keep up the good work with the recipes!

  15. hi – i love ur pics – they are amazing, i made ur hummus and added some grilled red pepper and chilli – delish ;-)

  16. Donald Fraser said:

    Wonderful site Grainne. I may as well post you a really simple pasta dish I like to make that incorporates your mentioned favorite ingredients.

    Spaghetti al Limone

    Spaghetti – Good quality or even make your own if you have time, enough for the number of diners
    bunch of Basil leaves – as little or as much as you like
    Grated Parmesan – again as little or as much as you like
    Juice of half a lemon or a full lemon for larger numbers- A slightly sweeter lemon is nice for this especially Amalfi if you can get them
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil – About 2 tablespoons – more or less on taste or numbers is fine
    Sea Salt – to taste
    Black Pepper – to taste

    Simply cook your pasta, drain and put back into the pan. tear up your basil leaves and scatter most in. Add the lemon juice the extra virgin olive oil the salt and pepper and most of the parmesan, Combine in the pan and place into serving bowls. Now a final few shreds of basil and grated parmesan on top of the spaghetti. All that remains is some garlic bread or nice bread for mopping up the sauce and your glass of red, white, rose or bubbles. Italian simplicity at its very best. You can be sitting down to this 15 minutes after starting it.

  17. Hi Grainne!Your blog is beautiful! Loved the food pictures and recipes are great! I want to try Italian food at home and so would love to read your future posts! Thanks.

    • thanks for your lovely comments. Cooking is my passion, and Italian food is one of my favourites, Im definitely due a visit there soon. Thanks for droppin in!.

  18. OMG ! A blog by somebody I know !!! Keep up the good (non-technology) work – and I’ll attempt the odd recipie

  19. Enjoyed many so far but have you any recipes up your sleeves for party finger food that you’d care to share? Red

  20. Hi Grainne! It’s me, The Saffron Girl, stopping by to say hello and check out your cool blog! I wanted to subscribe, but don’t see a subscribe button?

  21. Congratulations for your blog Grainne, I love wine and I’ll try some fine-tune pairing with your inspiring recipes, greetings from Italy

  22. I identify with the “Italian in a former life” thought. I often think that there’s no way I can be so addicted to pasta without some Mediterranean blood in my veins :)

  23. hey.. I got your link from Dominics site. Its great. me and my partner are cooking up a storm.. I am sending the links on to other people but believe it or not some folks ( my ma ) don’t use Facebook or the internet too much or at all.I would like to print out your recipes and put it in a binder for her. I wont blank out your page etc it would be a straight print from your site…would this be ok?

  24. Nice blog, I will keep an eye on it. I’m Italian and I lived in Ireland for 3 years so I guess I’ll spot some cultural influences here and there hehe :)

  25. I love this blog! I have a DIY app where you can post pictures and show people how to create your delicious recipes. Would you be interested in trying it??

  26. Hey I’m client of Dominic’s and he referred me to ur site some time ago,u just wondering where is best to buy almond flour or coconut flour?? Finding it hard to find..!! By the way Great site, im not the best in the kitchen but it really helps and made easy…

    • Hi billy, great you like the site. You will find almond flour in most supermarkets, called almond meal or ground almonds. Coconut flour, I usually buy in Asia markets like the one on Drury st. I use coconut flour less often to be honest as it leaves a very distinct coconut taste which des not suit everything. Hope this helps!

  27. You have a lovely blog….

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