Beetroot dip and goats yoghurt dip

by grainnep

Selection of DipsSunday night is always get ready for the week night – laying out our clothes and thinking about what food or snacks we need. It can be hard to have access to tasty healthy lunches and snacks especially if work is in an industrial park like mine used to be. These recipes are really easy to prepare and bring to work in little containers and stick in the fridge until you are ready to enjoy. Bring a selection of your favouite veggies to enjoy them with.

Goats cheese and yoghurt dip

9oz fresh goats cheese

4 tbsp Greek style natural yoghurt

1 garlic clove – chopped and mashed into puree with a little salt

1 tbsp each of your favourite herbs (any of Flat leaf parsley, chives, thyme, tarragon, chervil, mint, coriander)the list is endless. Ensure they are finely chopped

Mash the goats cheese and yoghurt using enough yoghurt to get a loose but not runny consistency

Mix the garlic thoroughly into the cheese and yoghurt

Stir in the herbs and season to taste

Great with chopped veggies

Well worth making even if you only have parsley and chives!

Beetroot Dip

I love love love beetroot. I grow it and really rate it  – rich in antioxidants and nutrients, great for cardio vascular health and I could eat this dip every day.

The recipe here is loosely based on Skye Gyngell’s recipe though I always omit the chilli so that Eva can have it and also it does depend on what herbs I have in the house. It is delicious eitherway!

500grammes beetroot

1 garlic clove peeled mashed and crushed

2 tbsp mint, 4 tbsp coriander stalks and leaves

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

5 tbsp Greek style natural yoghurt

1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar – I have one flavoured with Pomegranate which I use for this though any good balsamic will do

1 tbsp of spice mix like garam masala

Put everything bar the yoghurt into the blender and blend well to quite a smooth puree.

Add the yoghurt and pulse till mixed. Taste for seasoning.

Coriander and Pistachio raita

For each 1 person:-

1 tbsp each of chopped fresh coriander, chives and mint

1 inch piece of red chilli deseeded and finely chopped (more if you like it!)

1 tsp nigella (black onion) seeds (These add a lovely nutty peppery flavour)

1 tbsp shelled raw pistachios roughly chopped

150g greek style yoghurt

Mix everything together and season generously with black pepper and a little salt.

If you are doing this to being into work for lunch, keep your nuts separate until ready to eat to ensure maximum crunch.