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Cold Remedies and Breakfast Smoothies

Need a Boost? Check, Working a bit too much? Check, Still carrying a cough or cold from weeks ago….and check again. I’m double dosing with fruit smoothies and home made punches and feeling better for it. Great for an antioxidant boost with anti inflammatory and disease preventing compounds. They are easy to whip up and […]

The Perfect Power Smoothie

I have got into smoothies again, especially since I usually do a gymnastics class early in the morning. I need to eat before it but need to be careful what I have as turning myself upside down is hard enough without a full tummy interfering. These really work for me, they give me the energy […]

Blackberry Bakewell Tart

The lanes and fields are lined with blackberries and this is a perfect tart to showcase their beauty. I have picked loads and open froze them before popping into bags in the freezer to keep over the next few months. I love them in smoothies and they are great for enhancing  the taste of the […]

Natural Highs….Nature’s Anti Inflammatory Healing Gifts

Arthritis, Neuropathic pain, Chronic pain, there are huge numbers of people who suffer from significant amounts of pain caused by these and other conditions. Unfortunately for many sufferers there is no cure and while doctors prescribe many treatments including physiotherapies and painkillers the don’t always help and I know unless the pain is extreme I’ve […]

Glorious Vegetables and Fruit

New research suggests its 7 a day not 5 a day.. Now the way I see it, if you can get 5 a day in, you are doing well.. Especially if it’s mostly veg. So here’s a few ideas on how to up the quotient in your diet as well as a yummy recipe…and if […]