About Me

I’m a Dublin Blogger, Mum, Tech Worker, Semi retired Gymnast who was an Italian in a previous life. I love food, cooking, shopping, finding new ingredients and most of all feeding people.

I’m really interested in the link between what we eat and how we feel . I try to buy the best quality ingredients available and am so thankful I live in Ireland where we have access to such good produce and ingredients. I don’t believe in the concept of cheat day as I don’t think that is a good way to have to think about food.

By day I work for a technology company and by night I’m reading about or Cooking up recipes in my little kitchen. This blog is how I unwind, cooking is my meditation if you like, although its often late at night or mega early at the weekend when I’m pot walloping around the kitchen.

Eva Me 2012j

Eva Me Cascais

I love comments and hope you will enjoy the recipes and thoughts I post.

G. x