A Taste of Autumn.. Aubergine Parmigiana

This is a dish that we often have and I have worked on this recipe for many years before declaring myself satisfied. I lay the blame for all the work firmly at the feet of an 80 year old grandfather of the family whose farmhouse we stayed at in Italy a number of years ago. He prepared what has to have been the most amazing … Continue reading A Taste of Autumn.. Aubergine Parmigiana

2 Recipes for Aubergines

I think I have mentioned how I have a love hate relationship with Aubergines – sometimes a bit spongy when not cooked right but delicious when they are. Even the fact that you can buy one that looks perfect from the outside but gone off when you cut into it still hasn’t stopped me from continuing to buy and cook them. I think it is … Continue reading 2 Recipes for Aubergines

The Med on a plate

I nearly missed the first episode of Sicily Unpacked on BBC2 but just turned on as they visited the food market of Palermo. Seeing the fresh produce and all the beautiful colours of the fruits and vegetables made me nostalgic for my time in Italy and I just had to recreate the dish they prepared just to feel a bit closer to that wonderful country. … Continue reading The Med on a plate