Sweet Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes and Paprika, the sweet kind, delicious sweet smokey condiment to spice up this already delicious vegetable. Simplicity itself to prepare and difficult to stop eating once done. This isn’t even worth calling a recipe but definitely worth posting. I always cut them skinny and leave some skin on, after a good scrub. I just add a teaspoon or 2 of sweet paprika with … Continue reading Sweet Sweet Potatoes

Is roast chicken the ultimate comfort food ?

I went to gymnastics today, the first class in quite a while and I’m already feeling the effects. My legs are jelly and my arms are starting to feel it after lots of handstand turns… and falls.  I like it thought, reminds me that my body can still work hard,When you think of when you were little and could do handstands all day and not … Continue reading Is roast chicken the ultimate comfort food ?

Sweet Potato Gratin

I love vegetable gratin, delicious root veggies cooked with milk cream and garlic.. There is no nicer comfort food. If you are off the milk or cream then nearly as nice with stock and a tin of coconut milk instead.So many possibilities is what makes this so interesting and I think my favourite is with sweet potato and chorizo. Buy the wide chorizo and cut … Continue reading Sweet Potato Gratin

3 delicious winter vegetable recipes

I wasn’t great on veg when I was younger but I think that was because the trend at the time was for a lot of ‘boiling the life’ out of a pot of vegetables and serving them fairly mushy. Thankfully that’s not the case anymore and now I do love most veg. This time of year all the great cabbages abound and Savoy and Red … Continue reading 3 delicious winter vegetable recipes