Superwraps – Paratha style breads made with Quinoa

Quinoa sounds like a strange ingredient for a bread but it actually adds great flavour and texture to this paratha stlye flatbread. An extra bonus is the the healthy dose of protein you get. Traditional Indian style flatbreads are made with whole wheat dough and often stuffed with fillings such as potatoes, vegetables and the like. These are a much better version as not only contain the complex protein but I have also adapted the recipt so that it is also gluten free… Smiles all round!
A great lunchbox addition with some leafy salad, a dip and a filling for the wrap. A much better choice than the usual sandwich and great fun to prepare with the family too if you are having a curry on a Friday night!. We enjoyed them last night with a simple korma and mopped up all the lovely korma juices with the breads. The recipe makes about 12 breads and you can freeze any leftover uncooked dough balls and just defrost and cook when you want them. Adapted from the great ‘Short and Sweet’.

100g Quinoa
200ml water and 125 ml water
150gr gluten free white flour mix
150gr gluten free brown flour mix
2 tsp salt
3/4 tsp baking powder
4 tbsp rapeseed oil plus some extra for cooking
2 tsp Cuimin seeds and Nigella seeds according to preference

Toast the quinoa in a dry frying pan over a low heat to a nut brown. Tip into a pot with 200ml hot water, lid on and leave over a very gentle heat until the water is absorbed and the grain is cooked.  Spread out on a flat tray to cool.
Mix the 2 flours, salt and baking powder in a big mixing bowl. Rub in the oil and add the quinoa and mix evenly followed by 125 mls water. Knead gently to form a dough. Cover and leave for 30 minutes. Divide into balls – each about 70grs and squish the cuimin seeds or nigella seeds into the ball and roll out thinly on a floured surface.
Heat your pan, place your flatbread into the pan, brush with some good oil and cook until the bread browns, flip over and cook the other side. Keep warm on a plate while you continue to cook the others.
I was very pleased with these flatbreads and hope you enjoy them too!.

Cooked Quinoa Parathas

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