Mango Madness

Mango Madness Sherbert

Mango Frozen Sherbert

I´m not sure what the correct technical term for this is as it contains no sugar syrup and no eggs like a conventional icecream or sorbet hence my calling it Sherbert. It is a great healthy dessert option and is delicious especially accompanied by a tropical fruit salad. For a bit more refinement include coconut tuiles and some toasted coconut and you have a delicious dessert worthy of some good friends or family. I dont remember the first time I had mango or papaya, they were certainly not a staple in Irish fruit salads when I was growing up but I do love them and this recipe I actually developed for a cookery course I gave a number of years ago and I still return to it regularly as it has stood the test of time.

1 large fresh mango
100 ml fresh mango or papaya juice
3 tblsp greek yoghurt
6 tblsp natural yoghurt
mint leaves and pomegranate seeds if you have them, to garnish

Peel mango and cut into bite size chunks
Put in a pot and pour over the juice and bing to the boil and simmer on a medium heat for about 3 minutes.
Cool and throw into a blender, add the different yoghurts and blend well until it is smooth. Put into a bowl and cool at room temperature and if you have an icecream maker use that to freeze alternatively place in your freezer and remove every 2 hours or so to beat well and return until it has set properly.

This should be served 1 deg away from freezing so remember to remove from the freezer a little while before serving. Enjoy!:-)

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