Design your own spice mix

A good spice mix in your cupboard is very handy for jazzing up a casserole or stew, for adding to a bean dip or hummous to add interest and also great for adding to meatballs or burgers. Much better than a shop bought mix as you can make your own based on your favourite spice flavours – tailor made for you – like Coutour only with spice!. I love making mixes and throw it into beetroot dip, hummous, burgers and meatballs and into many one pot dishes for a bit of extra interest.. Keep them guessing…
To add to the healing benefits of the spices in the mix, I usually also stir in some Turmeric into my casserole dishes as the benefits of this is great too with amazing anti cancer properties, great for treating inflammation as well as digestive properties.

1 Cinnamon stick
20gr each of coriander cuimin mustard fenugreek and aswain seeds (Use your favourite, this is a good base)
2 cardamon pods
1 star anise

The trick with the spices is to heat them so they start to release their amazing oils and fragrance without burning. If they burn start again as your food will be bitter not better.
Place dry pan over low heat. When smoke starts to rise from pan, add all the spices and shake pan frequently to prevent burning. Once you hear a couple of pops, tip them into spice grinder and grind to a fine powder. Stor in an airtight container away from direct heat and light.

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