Summer arrives in Dublin- Roast Tomatoes

Monday brought the sunny weather finally and reminds me why I love living here despite the recession, despite austerity. It is due to last at least all week – of course it is, I have returned to WORK!
In the meantime, in preparation for my return I spent the day in the city centre, walking around my favorite haunts, enjoying coffee with some friends at Fallon & Byrne, walking in the vicinity of Drury street where I think the most interesting little shops are (Appassionata flowers – always a great display, Jenny Vander (I have loved this shop since I was in my teens and it was in the market around the corner)  Asia Market, Castle Court, Georges Street market to name a few. I made a wardrobe investment before the big re-entry to the life of earning money again. Justifiable I feel since I have to put the Converse away I need some summer work shoes.(Girls reading this will understand immediately).

The great summer veg have arrived including the tomatoes which are out in full swing in the shops, the selection in Fallon & Byrne gets my vote as the best in town. Some foods are meant to be eaten together not just because they taste right, but because their combined nutrients give you an extra health boost. Tomatoes and Extra Virgin Olive oil are 2 perfect partners, the lycopene helps protect against cancers and eating them with olive oil boost the absorption as it is fat soluble. A plate of these with some Pecorino Romano made my evening meal this evening and it was full of flavour – I was transported back to the south of Italy for the first time I ate a tomato which had decent flavour.

Slow roasting them helps them last longer if you have a glut – simply cut them in to half or quarters depending on size, sprinkle over some sea salt, throw on some thyme and leave in the oven at about 70C for at least an hour until soft but not mushy. Amazing in salads or on the side of a BarBQ’D piece of fish or meat.

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