York Cabbage and Almond Pesto

This is perfect for a last minute supper as it can be whizzed up in no time… I had over bought cabbage and since I hate throwing out veggies that have gone off, I wracked my brains and came up with this winter version of basil pesto. Considerably cheaper to make thanks to the price of cabbage and full of vitamins and minerals. The chilli gives a delicious kick of heat and this makes a great accompaniment to some pasta for a quick evening meal or used to dress roast vegetables.

4 cloves garlic
2 red chillies
55gr almonds
250gr York cabbage, blanched, stalk removed and sliced
4 tbsp chopped flat leaf parsley
1 tbsp lime juice
Salt and pepper
30 gr grated salty cheese (I used bica de queijo which is a mixed herd grass fed cheese naturally salty as they graze near the sea)

Place the almonds chillies and garlic on a baking tray, drizzle with a little oil and roast for about 10 minutes until the almonds are golden brown.
Place the almonds, cabbage, parsley, lime juice and salt and pepper in a food processor.
Squeeze the garlic from its skin into the processor.
Deseed the chilli and add to the mixture, add half the oil and process until roughly chopped.
Stir in the remaining oil and voila – ready.

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