Breakfast bars


I didn’t intend to post another sweet recipe and actually this isn’t so much sweet as chewy, delicious and filling… in fact perfect for a grab and go breakfast in the car or on the bus. Full of oats and dried fruit they are great to get you going in the morning on a busy day or a perfect lunchbox snack if you have any little ones on summer camps who need lots to keep their energy going. Whenever I post a dessert or sweet treat I always say don’t eat them all as though they may be full of good natural ingredients they are high in calories and should always be consumed with that in mind. I find myself getting quite cross reading posts labelled ‘Healthy brownies’ or ‘Amazing Vegan Paleo No Dairy Cake’ as if any of those labels gives us the green light to consume loads of it.  Often the ingredients in these recipes are loaded in calories for example almond meal, honey, coconut butter, coconut fat…. Great though they may be, the still will make us fat and unhealthy if we consume too much.

So rant over – enjoy these bars but bring them to work and share them out!

Breakfast Bars- makes 16 pieces
110gr oats
30gr ground almonds
150gr dried figs chopped
55gr slivered almonds
1/2 tsp mixed spice
1/2 tsp salt
zest of a lemon

80gr honey
2oz melted butter
60gr nut butter of choice

Mix dry ingredients together
Hand whisk wet ingredients and add to the dry and mix well to combine
Press down into a parchment lined tin
Bake at 160c for 20 mins
Put them into the fridge to chill and this makes them easy to cut
When cold, remove from the tin and with a serrated knife cut into 16 pieces

Note Using MyfitnessPal these contain a total of 2685 calories with 16 pieces containing approx 170 calories each.

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