Our Health and Wellness Book

Book Cover.JPG

We are thrilled to announce our book has launched and is now available for sale in all good book shops in Ireland as well as on line for those abroad.

It is called, Move, Train, Nourish – The Sustainable Way to a Healthier You and we have spent the last year working away on this to pack 20yrs of expertise, knowledge, passion and of course our life experience into this comprehensive guide to physical and mental well-being.

Our book covers Mobility and why it is so important and more importantly how to improve yours, it explains how to train properly and safely including a great set of illustrated workouts to do at home

We have filled it with loads of information on how to eat well including set of recipes the whole family can eat and if you want to lose weight how you can devise a motivation plan which will set you up for success.

We also have a complete chapter devoted to the most vital aspects of overall wellness namely how to sleep better, how to manage stress (because let’s face it we can’t avoid stresses in our lives) and tips on how to live a happier calmer more resilient life. This is based not just on leading practices and scientific knowledge but also on the reality of what it is like to have to juggle work, family and life. We understand what it is like to be busy working people and parents.
The book is broken into different sections and each section is filled with great photos and illustrations to help explain what is covered in each chapter.

We are very proud of this and excited to see it on book shelves finally!



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