Carrot Soup with Star Anise served with Croque Monsieur Toasts

I got given out to recently for having hard to get ingredients in my recipes. Hands up straight away, there is star anise in this one, NOT a show stopper if you don’t have it but it really elevates the carrot soup from a nice everyday flavoured soup to something altogether more delicious. Not that I think it is terribly difficult to get but I … Continue reading Carrot Soup with Star Anise served with Croque Monsieur Toasts

Roasted Tomato Soup with Basil Oil

This is a really delicious warming soup full of the lycopene goodness of tomatoes as well as the great healing properties of garlic. Roasted garlic adds a delicious sweetness which goes perfectly in this soup. I made this soup for a Christmas family gathering but I come back to it a lot as it is really delicious and great for these cold days. Make a … Continue reading Roasted Tomato Soup with Basil Oil

Broccoli and Beetroot Salad

Balsamic Glazed Beetroot and Broccoli Salad with Quinoa and Feta For some reason I have been craving veggies all week, particularly broccoli which I have been eating by the pot full with a Thai style dipping sauce. It’s probably a reaction to all the Christmassy food – just as well as I need something light and tasty (I swear I’m not going to use the … Continue reading Broccoli and Beetroot Salad

Thai sweet potato soup

This isn’t so much a recipe, more a oh I fancy something spicy, hot and sour. Paired with some pickle because there is nothing better with Thai food…..anyway the resulting bowl of soup was so good I had to share. Great texture, lovely flavour and a good bang of heat. 2 tbsp red curry paste (I used mai ploy) 1 tin coconut milk 250ml chicken … Continue reading Thai sweet potato soup