Peach Spelt and Almond Breakfast Muffins

Must lower sugar than the usual fair and no melted butter or oil this time, just some delicious butter milk. I love these paired with a bowl of my favourite Greek Style yoghurt. Peach Spelt and Almond Muffins 3 peaches stoned and sliced 3 tbsp water (optional see below) 1tbsp brown sugar (Optional see below) If the peaches are not ripe, then toss with the … Continue reading Peach Spelt and Almond Breakfast Muffins

Home made Sweet Potato Based Granola

  You read that right, this is my Secret Ingredient Granola based on sweet potato which has been peeled, steamed or boiled and cooled – I just cook extra and keep some leftovers! Stores for a week or 2 in a zip lock bag or kilner jar. Serve with yoghurt and fruit compote for a delicious blood sugar balancing, fulling sustaining breakfast. Sweet Potato Granola … Continue reading Home made Sweet Potato Based Granola

Waffles for Breakfast

Pancakes don’t do it for me and I remain unimpressed by the pics of pancake piles which see to be everywhere. As an alternative I have been testing out new breakfast options especially for the weekend when you have more time to sit around and chat and enjoy a more leisurely breakfast. These are easy to prepare and will reheat happily in the toaster. They … Continue reading Waffles for Breakfast