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Chicken Breast with Courgette Stuffing

OO&L Chicken & courgette

Quick and easy, full of flavour and the goodness of fresh veg and herbs, this dish is delicious cold in summer but works equally well in winter straight from the oven.

Chicken breasts with courgette and herb stuffing

Serves 6
8oz courgettes coarsely grated
sea salt and ground black pepper
1 oz butter
1 small onion finely chopped
2 oz cream cheese or ricotta
2 oz fresh breadcrumbs (I use gluten free if possible)
1 oz parmesan cheese
4 tbsp chopped fresh herbs (e.g Flat leaf parsley, chives, mint, basil)
6 chicken breasts or thighs off the bone, skin removed
2 tbsps olive oil
100mls chicken stock

Sprinkle the courgettes with 1 tsp salt and leave to stand for 10 minutes in a colander.
Rinse and squeeze out the excess liquid.
Melt the butter in a pan, add the onion and cook on a medium heat until soft. Cool.
Whizz the courgettes, onion, cream cheese or ricotta, breadcrumbs, Parmesan & herbs in a food processor.
Season really well.
Flatten chicken breast or thigh meat, season well and spread mixture on top of each.
Roll up and place into an oiled casserole dish seal side down.
Add a little chicken stock and a big knob of butter.
Place into the oven and cook at 180C for about 15 minutes, baste with the stock and butter half way through.
It is cooked when juices run clear.
Slice and service with your choice of vegetable, quinoa and Green salad.

Courgette and Herb Rosti with Coriander Yoghurt dip


I have memories of courgettes growing in our garden growing up. They were the first thing grown in my garden when we got our house, those alongside a great crop of peppers…. the peppers have never been repeated – beginners luck probably. This makes a simple but delicious lunch and lots of veggies work to make these little rostis but I think courgettes are one of my favourite.

2 Medium Courgettes or 1 large one
3 eggs
2big handfuls each of chopped parsley, coriander and mint
2 oz butter
Grate the courgette and if you have a potato ricer use this to squeeze all the liquid out of it. if not put it into a colander and sprinkle with salt and leave for about 20 minutes
Rinse the courgette well, Tip it into a square of muslin and twist and squeeze to get as much if the wet out as possible.
Chop your herbs and combine with grated courgette into a bowl
Beat eggs and tip into ingredients adding a good seasoning of salt and pepper
Melt the butter in a non stick pan
Add 2 tbsp of the mixture and flatten slightly to form a little pancake. You should be able to fit 2 or 3 pancake shapes at a time I the pan.
Let them cook over a moderate heat for 3 or 4 mins a side until underside is golden brown. flip over and cook the other side. Serve with coriander yoghurt dressing and a plate of lovely salad leaves dressed with your favourite olive oil.

Coriander Yoghurt Dip
This is gorgeous with a plate of your fave veggies and especially delicious with these little pancakes. it’s really simple but the delicious tartness from the dip combines perfectly with the rostis.

Combine 2 tbsp each of natural yoghurt, creme Fraiche, 2 cloves of garlic mashed and crushed, 1 tbsp of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice, a hsndful of chopped coriander and some salt to season.


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