Dark Chocolate Mendiants & Other Edible Christmas Presents

  I love making edible Christmas Presents especially for somewhere like work if you have a big gang to think of. Here are a few lovely easy ideas for presents which you can tuck into cellophane  bags and give away. Chocolate Mendiants – Easy to make and delicious for a sweet treat or edible Christmas Present, You can use any selection of toppings you like- … Continue reading Dark Chocolate Mendiants & Other Edible Christmas Presents

Christmas Biscuit Presents

DIY presents can be great in theory but a disaster in reality unless you are talented at arts and crafts. Biscuits are the exception – these are easy to make, fill the house with lovely Christmas smells and are popular both for the thought that goes into them and the enjoyment you get out of them. I made a triple batch of each and brought … Continue reading Christmas Biscuit Presents

Gerard Coleman Brownies

The house is quiet but because my 2 nieces are coming for a sleepover with my daughter, I’m taking the opportunity to get some food prepared while there is a bit of peace. A simple sausage casserole is prepared very quickly which all of us will have and I also have some spicy cauliflower curry over from yesterday so that will do for us grown … Continue reading Gerard Coleman Brownies