Chocolate mousse cake

Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake, Vanilla Ice Cream & Praline Chocolate Mousse Cake This is a layer of hazelnut sponge with a layer of chocolate mousse covered in a layer of chocolate glaze Sponge 160gr butter 120gr icing sugar 5 egggs 80gr ground almonds 75gr ground hazelnuts 75gr plain or plain gluten free flour Oven at 170C Cream together the butter and sugar until pale and … Continue reading Chocolate mousse cake

Chocolate Mousse….

Chocolate and Coffee separately as in an espresso and a square of dark chocolate is surely one of life’s great pleasures… combined in this mousse takes it to another level. I serve this with little sable biscuits or biscotti to dip into the mousse and savour every bit! 8 oz good quality dark chocolate.. if you are feeling adventurous you could experiment with a Valrhona … Continue reading Chocolate Mousse….