Waffles for Breakfast

Pancakes don’t do it for me and I remain unimpressed by the pics of pancake piles which see to be everywhere. As an alternative I have been testing out new breakfast options especially for the weekend when you have more time to sit around and chat and enjoy a more leisurely breakfast. These are easy to prepare and will reheat happily in the toaster. They … Continue reading Waffles for Breakfast

Lunchbox Snacks – No Bake Fruit & Oat trail bars

Lara bar or Nakd bar anyone? If you are a fan of these as a handy healthy snack on the go, but like me, not to fond of the price then try this recipe below for a quick and easy home made version and much better value. There are endless variations possible to this recipe – any nuts or seeds of choice, any dried fruits. … Continue reading Lunchbox Snacks – No Bake Fruit & Oat trail bars

Date and Chocolate Truffles

These are little beauties, delicious chocolaty truffles, full of great ingredients and a perfect after dinner bite, especially good with an espresso. (Also good after workouts, according to my other half). I’m always on the search for recipes I can make healthier without compromising on taste and I think these are a perfect example. Date and Chocolate Truffles 350gr oats – blend to a finer … Continue reading Date and Chocolate Truffles