Financier Cakes with Glazed Blueberries

Saturdays are predictable in our house, Dom works, I bring Eva to swimming lessons and afterwards she gets hot chocolate to ward off a sugar low meltdown. I never learnt to swim as a child and despite going back as an adult and learning, I still have a fear of being out of my depth, so I consider the hot chocolate a well deserved treat. … Continue reading Financier Cakes with Glazed Blueberries

Pasteis De Nata

I became obsessed with these little pastries on holidays, the pastry so light, the delicious custard caramelised on top. Part of our holiday routine is a long early morning walk – great to see a town wake up, take some photos and see what the locals get up to before the heat of the day arrives. The reward at the end of the walk is … Continue reading Pasteis De Nata