Greek Lamb Pitta Pockets and white wine cooler

I have great memories of a holiday many years ago in Amalfi where the local restaurant on the beach served carafes of white wine filled to the brim with chopped peaches, you enjoyed the wine and then the peaches and it was heaven. The owner was the spit of Frank Butcher from East Enders (you have to be Irish or English to get this) and … Continue reading Greek Lamb Pitta Pockets and white wine cooler

Salad dressing

Salads are amazing as a meal in themselves or accompanying another dish. Done well – divine but I have so often been put off by a soggy dish of brown leaves with an overpowering vinegary salad dressing. The ‘get right’ salad basics include choosing the crispest of greens and freshest of herbs and when bought get them home as soon as possible so that flavours … Continue reading Salad dressing