Hot Hot Harissa

by grainnep


I love Harissa with its spicy mix of chillies tomatoes and garlic and it has so many uses, stirred into some soup to give it a nice kick, always great on a cold winters day, calmed down with your favourite mayo for dipping your crudités into or my favourite, blended with some olive oil and used to coat root vegetables before roasting.  Great for the circulation too especially if like me your hands turn off when the temperatures plummet and the lycopene, an especially protective carotenoid is especially abundant in anything with canned or pureed tomatoes.

 This is so simple but very delicious, just mix a tablespoon (or 2 if you are brave) with some olive oil to thin it in a big mixing bowl. Throw your peeled sliced root veggies in to it, season them with salt and pepper and into the oven for roasting… so easy and delicious.