Celeriac Remoulade – Perfect Summer Slaw

The weather outside is amazing and despite having to go to work (a recent development) I found time to take plan some recipes and make some lovely meals. All mostly on the Barbie with salads to go with it. Not a lot of preparation involved so perfect for working folks or if you want to maximise your time outdoors.

We have been eating this celeriac slaw all week since the good weather started – as an accompanied to barbq’d chicken, as a side with some dressed crab, on a platter with some meats and I even took some leftovers to work. Another bonus is that it is rich in phosphorous and potassium, as well as good for Vitamin C & B6. When buying the Walnut Oil, ensure that you check the label for confirmation that the nuts have been roasted otherwise a lesser quality oil results. And it’s not an oil for cooking with so keep it for great dressings and recipes like this.

1 Head of celeriac – about 500gr
Juice of one lemon
56gr good quality mayonnaise
28gr Dijon mustard
100gr walnuts chopped
14ml walnut oil

Don’t make this too much in advance as you don’t want the celeriac to become too wilted from the dressing.
Peel the celeriac and slice into strips or julienne if you prefer. I use the food processor or mandolin for this – if you are doing it by hand, a good tip is to put it into the fridge to soften slightly before starting the chopping.
As you peel and slice the celeriac, ensure to squeeze over the lemon juice to prevent discolouring.
Whisk the remaining ingredients together with the exception of the nuts to make the celeriac dressing.
Shortly before you are going to serve, toss the celeriac in the dressing and sprinkle through the chopped walnuts.

2 thoughts on “Celeriac Remoulade – Perfect Summer Slaw

    1. Hi there, Isn’t it just delicious, I have always loved this during the winter cooked but it is amazing like this. Thanks for droppin in!.

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