Home made ice-pops, Dairy Free

My daughter, like all kids loves ice cream. Dairy tho’ really disagrees with her, she gets all chesty and blocked up. So we’ve been discouraging her from it and she even knows herself she really shouldn’t have it. Inspired by this, I tried to make some pops for her that she would like yet would not cause the sniffles and coughs. This simple little recipe worked really well and it was Thumbs up from her. I added a scoop of protein so these would be great after a workout too. I hope you will be inspired and try your favourite fruit and see what you think. I used a scoop of protein, a container of Vita Coco coconut and fruit drink and a tub of blueberries…. I will definitely be making them again with other fruit. This made 4 protein & goodness filled pops.

330ml container of coconut and fruit juice
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
1 tub blueberries – about 130gr
4 ice pop moulds

Tip everything into a blender and blend till smooth.
Pour into your ice pop makers and freeze until solid.
Unmold and enjoy!

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