Memories are made of Bread

by grainnep

My memories are evoked by smell. Catching a smell of something from the past brings me straight to that place as if I’m there again. Spanish cologne = teenage summers, Calvin Klein eternity for men = my first long lasting love. The smell of home made bread and it’s as if I’m at mums side again learning to bake bread. It’s thanks to her that I only eat real butter – a thickly buttered slice of bread barely cool out of the oven was a delicious snack after breadmaking. So despite everything I read and know about wheat and gluten intolerance, we miss her everyday so when I make her brown and soda breads, I fill my house with memories of her.
Happy times. ♥




Oven at 170c

Mum’s Brown Bread
1 lb brown flour
1 tbsp each of bran, wheat germ, pinhead oatmeal
1 tsp each of sugar, salt and bread soda,
Approx 16oz butter milk
1 egg beaten

Add all the dry ingredients into a big bowl
Make a well in the centre and tip in the buttermilk and beaten egg.
Mix well to combine. The mix should be wet but not too sloppy. Adjust with a fist full of flour if needed.
Tip into a greased floured tin and into an oven for 40 minutes. Take out of the tin and check if it is done by tapping the underside. It sounds hollow if it is done. If not, in again for another 5 or so until perfect.