Delicious Dairy Free Ice Cream

Dairy Free Ice-Cream

Lots of people have Dairy allergies, I myself while not allergic to it, don’t like the taste of milk or cream and even ice cream doesn’t really do it for me. Our daughter is definitely allergic to dairy and I can hear it on her chest and see it in her nose (sorry!!) if she has dairy. The difficulty arises with her is ice-cream because she loves it and really misses not being able to have it. As a result I have been working some fruit based recipes to try and come up with a child approved ice-cream recipe.
This could not be any easier – the bananas add the delicious creamy taste and the fruit some extra taste interest. We left out the honey but you might want to add a bit of sweetness depending on your palate.

So easy, and good for you!.

Non Dairy Ice-cream

4 bananas quartered
240gr raspberries or other berries of choice
2fl oz coconut milk to loosen
(2 tbsp honey to sweeten if wished)

Pop the bananas into the freezer until frozen
Put into the blender with the raspberries and blend until lovely and smooth and ice-cream like.
Loosen with the coconut milk during the blending process.
Don’t worry if it seems not to blend well at first, keep at it and it will work.
Stir in the honey if needed.

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