Red Bean and Sweet Potato Burgers

OO&L Bean Burgers  II

I have a collection of sauces and salsas which I got recently in a hamper from here. These delicious artisan sauces and salsas from The Scullery are made with great ingredients and really tasty. I’m always happy when I find a good Irish product and deciding how I would use it as opposed to just simply loading it onto a plate of cheese and crackers (although, pretty nice like that too) I decided to throw a few tablespoons into my mix for these veggie burgers – a great way to add some flavour.

The tomato and chilli salsa has a delicious hit of heat and even if you don’t have this one, if you root in the back of your kitchen presses you will find something similar – I bet you got it at Christmas with lots of good intentions to use it but haven’t got around to yet!.
Try these burgers with the salsa and enjoy a delicious meal, loaded with protein and vitamins.

Red Bean Burgers with Tomato Chilli and Coriander Salsa
Makes 6 large or 8 medium

2 Cans of red kidney beans rinsed and drained
1 medium sweet potato peeled and grated
3 tbsp Salsa – I chose the tomato coriander and chili
3 oz breadcrumbs gluten free if possible
Salt and pepper to season

Tip beans and sweet potato into food processor and pulse to lightly process – try not over work as it will turn to mush.
Tip out into a bowl, add the breadcrumbs, salsa and seasoning and mix well.
Damp your hands and shape into 6 or 8 patties, place onto parchment paper and into the fridge for about 30 mins if possible
Heat 2 tbsp rapeseed oil in a pan on a medium high heat.
Add the burgers and cook undisturbed for about 5 minutes.
Gently flip and do the same, add more oil if needed
Serve with some more salsa, salad and enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Red Bean and Sweet Potato Burgers

  1. Grainne, made these this evening, “yums” all round but you’ll have to tell me the secret to stopping them from falling apart? They were probabally a tad too moist, too many beans maybe?

    1. Hi deirdre, this can happen with veggie burgers. A few tips and mine never fall apart. Put them in the fridge – always chill them and cook them from chill. Dont mess with them on the pan. put them on the pan, leave them for the requisite time (obvs making sure they not burning!) and turn them once swifty and do the other side. I have seen people stand over the pan turning and this will deffo crumble the patties!. If the mix seems too moist, add a few more breadcrumbs. I am always amazed by some recipes which add an egg as I never ever need an egg when making bean or pulse burgers. Hope this helps!

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