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Courgette Chips and a Coriander Dipping Sauce

Crunchy and delicious courgette. I use panko breadcrumbs as they stay really crispy and the coriander dipping sauce is perfect with these. A delicious vegetable that is a reasonably good source of fibre, antioxidants and vitamins and minerals.  If you though you didnt like courgette try this and see !


Courgette Fries
Serves 6

3oz flour
4oz Panko breadcrumbs or if you cant get that thus use regular
3oz Grated Parmesan
1/2 tsp each of thyme, oregano and rosemary finely chopped
1 tsp salt
3 courgettes – top and tail then cut into chips
1 egg beaten

Oven at 180C

Mix the breadcrumbs and parmesan with the salt and herbs and lay out on a large flat plate
Dip the courgette chips into the flour, followed by the egg then the breadcrumbs. Press on all sides to get lots of crumb on the courgette.
(I used to get confused about the dipping order now I use Flour First to help me remember!)
Lay them flat on a parchment lined baking tray and bake for approx 15 minutes until golden and crispy
Serve with the dipping sauce and watch them disappear!

Coriander Dipping sauce- Simply mix everything together
250gr Natural Greek Yoghurt
3 Tbsp chopped Coriander
2 tbsp Lemon juice
Salt and Pepper to season

Indian Spiced Cavolo Nero



Leafy greens are so good for you and this is a fantastic recipe in which you can use green cabbage, chard, even spinach if you wish. Gently spiced,full of the goodness of the greens, provides magnesium – great for sleep and stress (perfect for this time of year) and turmeric an amazing healing anti inflammatory.

Indian Spiced Cavolo Nero

Serves 4
150gr Cavolo nero, cleaned and centre stalk removed
1 small onion diced

1 tbsp passata
1 tin tomatoes
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp nigella (onion) seeds
½ tsp each, cayenne, cumin and coriander
2 tbsp crème fraiche – use low fat if you wish
2 tbsp rapeseed oil

Blanch cavolo nero in boiling water for 2 minutes, remove and drain well then chop
Heat oil in a medium sized pot and add the onion and cook until soft
Stir in the spices and cook for about a minute. Add the passata, tin of tomatoes and the cavolo nero, season well and cook for about 10 minutes over a low medium heat until some of the tomato sauce has thickened. Stir in the 2 tbsp of crème fraiche and cook for another minute or two.
Serve and enjoy!
Note that you can substitute spinach, chard even cabbage in this recipe. Adjust the quantities accordingly as you will probably need a big bag of spinach to feed 4. You will need to blanch cabbage ad chard too but not the spinach.

Spice Crust Prawns and Sweet Potato Soup

Sweet potato soup with Spice Crust Prawns


This delicious soup takes so little time to prepare and the flavours are just amazing with sweet spicy prawns and a kick of heat from the soup itself; This would make a delicious starter if you were having friends over or make it more substantial for dinner by simply adding more prawns. As well as tasting amazing this soup is a great source of protein, good fats, as well as anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals all great for optimal health.

Sweet potato soup with Spice Crust Prawns


250gr raw peeled, deveined prawns (medium or large)
1 tablespoon rapeseed oil
½ tsp cumin
½ tsp coriander
¼ tsp cayenne
½ tsp salt
½tsp fresh ground black pepper

Sweet Potato Soup
1.5ltr vegetable or chicken stock
4 large sweet potatoes, peeled and cubed
Juice of 1/2 lime
1 tsp salt
1 tsp hot chopped chilli (I use a jar of this in oil – use fresh if you like)
2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce
2 tbsp fish sauce
2 tbsp fresh chopped coriander

Mix spices in a small bowl then toss in the prawns and set aside while you prepare the soup.

Put the stock and sweet potatoes into a medium pot and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer, partially covered, for about 10 minutes, until potatoes are cooked through. Puree the soup and return to the pot. Add the salt, hot chilli, sweet chilli sauce, fish sauce and juice of ½ lime. Taste and adjust with a bit more heat or juice as you prefer and keep over a gentle heat while you fry the prawns.

Heat 2 teaspoons oil in large skillet until hot but not smoking. Cook prawns for about 1 minutes per side over medium-high heat, or until there’s a nice brown spice crust on the outside and they are just cooked through.

Ensure the soup is heated through then ladle into your bowls. Place 3 prawns in each bowl. Garnish with the fresh chopped coriander.

2 Great dips for Christmas get-togethers




This time of year is great for getting together with friends and family for food or drinks. I love these 2 dips instead of having packets of pringles and crisps at the ready, serve these with some crackers and fresh chopped veggies for a delicious and much healthier version of nibbles. Both these are gorgeous, and you know what you are getting when you make your own!

Caramelised Tikka Spice Onion Dip

3 large yellow onions peeled and thinly sliced
1oz butter and 2 tbsp rapeseed oil
1 tsp tikka spice mix
1 tsp each of salt and pepper
2 large tbsp sour cream – use low fat if preferred

Heat the butter and oil in a large pan on a medium heat
Toss in the onions, salt pepper and tikka spice and fry gently for 10 minutes stirring to ensure it doesn’t get caught on the bottom
Reduce the heat to low medium and cook for 20 more minutes. Use a wooden spoon or spatula to remove the caramelisation from the bottom of the pot so it incorporates into the mixture, by stirring occasionally.
Allow the onions to cool and mix the sour cream into them and stir well,
Taste for seasoning.
Store in the fridge but serve at room temperature.

Sun dried Tomato dip

1 tub of sun dried tomatoes approx 150gr, chopped
4oz cream cheese – use low fat if preferred
1 tsp salt and pepper
10 drops Tabasco – more if preferred
2 spring onions, trimmed and chopped finely (use white and green)

Puree everything bar the spring onions in a blender
Add the spring onions and pulse a few times to incorporate
Taste for seasoning.
Store in the fridge but serve at room temperature,

Breakfast Burrito with Eggs & Guacamole


This is such a delicious breakfast option and with the Christmas holidays approaching and more opportunities for lazing over breakfast I thought this would be a good recipe to post. Dare I say it, for any suffering from hangovers, it’s also a good option with protein from the beans and egg, good fats from the guacamole and a lovely tex mex flavour thanks to the spice mix used in the cooking. Bloody Mary on the side is optional 🙂

Breakfast Burrito with Eggs & Guacamole

Serves 3 but is easily doubled out and will reheat perfectly.
1 medium white onion diced finely
1 tbsp tex mex spice mix from here
1 tin black eyed beans, rinsed and drained
i tbsp tomato passata
1 tbsp rapeseed oil
Salt and pepper to taste

1 or 2 eggs per person as required
1/2 or 1 wrap per person.

Heat a pan over a medium heat
Add the diced onion and sweat until soft but not coloured
Add the passata and the spice mix and cook out for about 3 minutes. Add a splash of water if it looks like it is drying out.
Tip in the drained beans, season well, stir well and cook for about 5 minutes until hot.
Meanwhile dry fry the wraps on a pan until a little golden on each side,
Keep warm which you fry the eggs.
To serve place a wrap onto your plate, top with the bean mixture, followed by your egg and a tablespoon of guacamole.

3 ripe avocados
1 large handful of fresh coriander chopped
Juice of 2 limes
Salt and Pepper to taste

Tip everything into a blender and blend until smooth,
Taste and adjust seasoning as required,
Keep covered with clingfilm until required.

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