Gooey Brownies with White Chocolate Chunks

When you bake brownies, they should be intensely chocolatey, totally Gooey, bordering on under cooked when you take them out of the oven. The great thing about all brownie recipes is that you can change out the flour for gluten free flour and not have to worry about needing to add anything else to the recipe. These ones because they are made with cocoa powder … Continue reading Gooey Brownies with White Chocolate Chunks

A gooey chocolate brownie in exchange for your vote

Well, not quite an actual brownie but this recipe is the only recipe you will ever need, Decadent is probably an understatement, two types of chocolate, prunes and chestnuts, gooey, fudgy, (these are good, are you getting this?) so a little goes a long way….In fact I’m hoping they go as far as perhaps bribing you into voting for me in the 2013 Blog Awards … Continue reading A gooey chocolate brownie in exchange for your vote

Raw Chocolate Bars

Lucuma is a flavored tropical fruit native to Peru. I’ve not seen the fruit much here in Ireland but have been reading up on its use as a replacement sweetener for baking, Having ordered it some time ago from i-herb, I have been busy trying out some recipes –  as a sugar replacement, it is considered superior to sugar, being an excellent source of  fibre, … Continue reading Raw Chocolate Bars

Brownies but not as you know them….

A visit to the National Gallery filled the day today, the building is being renovated and we have a small child in tow so a short visit is necessary, a visit to see the best assembled into one exhibition- Masterpieces from the Collection. There are loads of memories for me on those walls stretching back as far as primary school when we were taken in … Continue reading Brownies but not as you know them….

Gerard Coleman Brownies

The house is quiet but because my 2 nieces are coming for a sleepover with my daughter, I’m taking the opportunity to get some food prepared while there is a bit of peace. A simple sausage casserole is prepared very quickly which all of us will have and I also have some spicy cauliflower curry over from yesterday so that will do for us grown … Continue reading Gerard Coleman Brownies