Gooey Brownies with White Chocolate Chunks

Brownies with White Chocolate

When you bake brownies, they should be intensely chocolatey, totally Gooey, bordering on under cooked when you take them out of the oven. The great thing about all brownie recipes is that you can change out the flour for gluten free flour and not have to worry about needing to add anything else to the recipe. These ones because they are made with cocoa powder also have a delicious crust on the top

i always keep a batch of these in the house for the weekend – adults and kids love them and when I promise to dish them up paired with vanilla ice cream, well the kids will do almost anything for you.. homework, housework, cleaning the bird cage… I even made some extra for my other half to bring to the gym but he had eaten them before he could get them there!… Don’t say I didn’t warn you – remember – Don’t eat them all, course now that I’m not in work I have no where to bring the extras 🙂

Makes about 18 Browmies

Chocolate Brownies with White Chocolate Chunks
Oven at 170C

4oz butter
4 eggs
12 oz gluten free flour
3 oz cocoa powder (Please get the best quality you can – It’s worth it)
2 oz coconut palm sugar or caster sugar if you cant get it
2 oz white chocolate chopped

Sieve the flour and cocoa powder together
Cream the butter and sugar until very light and fluffy
Alternately beat in the eggs with the flour mixture until fully incorporated
Fold in the chocolate chunks
Pour into a greased parchment lined tin and smooth out
Bake for 20 minutes – turn them around half way through
Let cool and cut

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