Med style stuffed mushrooms

If I’m ever making a mushroom dish, I think of one of my great friends from school. We were both food mad and used to eat my brought to school packed lunch early in the morning and then I would go to her house at lunchtime where we often made mushrooms cooked in butter served with toast. I’m sure her mother was sick of the … Continue reading Med style stuffed mushrooms

The Best Prawns I have ever tasted…. EVER!

These are garlic prawns with a twist… smothered in a creamy sweet roasted garlic and tarragon butter, they are party perfect with very little effort. … The garlic butter keeps in the fridge for a day or so if you don’t use it all in one go although I doubt you will have any left over. You need to buy raw prawns, I bought Castletownbere … Continue reading The Best Prawns I have ever tasted…. EVER!

Salad dressing

Salads are amazing as a meal in themselves or accompanying another dish. Done well – divine but I have so often been put off by a soggy dish of brown leaves with an overpowering vinegary salad dressing. The ‘get right’ salad basics include choosing the crispest of greens and freshest of herbs and when bought get them home as soon as possible so that flavours … Continue reading Salad dressing