Ginger & Chocolate cakes

If like me you love ginger then try these delicious little cakes. Made with ginger beer and dried ginger, these are soft, moist and as a bonus, freeze really well. Just pop into the oven from frozen for an easy treat. Serve warm with ice cream or cream, just lovely. Oven at 170C Makes 16 100gr 50%-60% good quality chocolate drops or chopped chocolate 250ml … Continue reading Ginger & Chocolate cakes

Raspberry Madeleines – Gluten Free Goodies

I arrived late to Great British Bake off this year but quickly became obsessed with watching out for soggy bottoms or lack of a good snap! I missed the final as i was trevelling and had forgotten to record ( actually i will admit here tht i have no idea how to sky + so there was actuslly no forgetting involved). Inspired by the series … Continue reading Raspberry Madeleines – Gluten Free Goodies

A sudden glut of eggs & a recipe for Chocolate Madeleines

We have 7 Easter Eggs in the house, not counting several Lindt bunnies and this lovely hen… 1 Child, little interest in the eggs (Im happy to report) so there  is nothing for it but baking to be done. Chocolate Madeleines make great use of the chocolate glut. Proust made them famous but the flavour of these tiny little cakes will keep you coming back … Continue reading A sudden glut of eggs & a recipe for Chocolate Madeleines