Raspberry Madeleines – Gluten Free Goodies

I arrived late to Great British Bake off this year but quickly became obsessed with watching out for soggy bottoms or lack of a good snap! I missed the final as i was trevelling and had forgotten to record ( actually i will admit here tht i have no idea how to sky + so there was actuslly no forgetting involved). Inspired by the series iv been baking and these little little cakes are really easy to make, they work gluten free too and other fruit such as blueberries are equally as good.

Raspberry Madeleines
6 oz of butter melted to make beurre noisette
4 oz icing sugar
4 oz ground almonds
2 oz gluten free white flour mix
5 egg whites
4 oz raspberries

Clarify and brown the butter by adding it to a small heavy saucepan. Heat over a low hear until melted. Continue cooking and watching carefully until the butter turns brown. Make sure not to let go black – start again if that happens. Pour butter through strainer and discard the milk solids in the strainer.
Mix the flour, sugar and almond flour in a bowl
Add the egg whites gently mix until they are incorporated
Tip into mixer and using paddle mixer, beat in the melted butter in a gentle but steady stream
Spoon mixture into Madeleine tins or into silicone financier moulds
Push in the raspberries and bake in oven for 12 – 15 minutes until firm to the touch and a skewer in the centre comes out clean
Leave to cool if they are in silicon moulds otherwise unmold from metal tins after about 5 minutes.

8 thoughts on “Raspberry Madeleines – Gluten Free Goodies

  1. Hi Gráinne, been a fan of your blog for a good while now as I have gone gluten free and was delighted to find a no nonsense Irish site with great tasty gluten free recipes. I am going to try my hand at these madeleines but I have one question – should the butter be unsalted for the beurre noisette?

    1. Hi there, thanks for your kind words and it’s nice to hear you are enjoying the recipes. A good question, and I should have said. I always use unsaltec butter when baking and add salt if required. So for this use unsalted. Enjoy!

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