Winter Salad of Beets and Squash

Check out this delicious winter salad for a hearty lunch or a delicious first course. Serve this luke warm rather than cold and it is just YUM. The caramelised walnuts are the perfect counterfoil to the beetroot and feta so don’t omit this step. Full of great antioxidants and vitamins from the veggies never mind the Omega 3 fatty acid boost from the walnuts and … Continue reading Winter Salad of Beets and Squash

A Fish Dish ..To capture holiday memories

A week in Portugal was a glorious end to summer – Cascais is a lovely little beach town, cobblestone alleys, nice buildings, a good food market, safe beaches with clean water and great simple food….. I lived on fish and salads for the week as well as sampled lots of the local pastries… in the name of research. Even the tinned fish come in cute … Continue reading A Fish Dish ..To capture holiday memories

Mexican chicken

This is a very simple marinade but really delicious thanks to an unusual secret ingredient. Everyone who tastes it can get a kind of smokey sweetness but never guesses what…… Tequila, that’s what!. Try it and see, it adds a lovely flavour to chicken and works very well with the beans. I like to use thighs for this – apart from being cheaper, they do … Continue reading Mexican chicken

Raw Broccoli Salad and a Whipped Goats Cheese Salad

The garden and my efforts to grow our own food was a bit of a disaster this year, the huge ginormous slugs won the fight and managed to chew their way through a large proportion of my salad leaves, peas beans and even the hydrangea nearby. The rain was its ally and as it fell for days and days on end, they (the slugs and … Continue reading Raw Broccoli Salad and a Whipped Goats Cheese Salad

Beetroot and Goats Cheese Salad

I’ve spoken a little bit about my adventures in gymnastics before. I tend to get funny looks when I mention it as its not that common in Ireland for women of a certain age to still be throwing themselves at a crashmat in the hope that something beautiful will result. I love it tho, I’m no Nadia but I’m pretty strong, reasonably fit and it … Continue reading Beetroot and Goats Cheese Salad