Lemon Tofu Creams with Ginger Dipping Biscuits

I now have a second recipe for silken tofu, I know lots of people who love the stuff but I’ve struggled to find many uses. It does make a great base though for desserts and if you are allergic to dairy then it is a real winner. I have whipped it into cool melted chocolate for a delicious non dairy chocolate mousse. And now, discovery … Continue reading Lemon Tofu Creams with Ginger Dipping Biscuits

Chocolate Tofu mousse

I do like Mark Bittman who writes in the NY times and he has always raved about a chocolate pudding made with Tofu. Now I have to say, I just don’t get Tofu, tasteless at best, slightly sour at worst, definitely a bit slimy and all in all represents a set of adjectives you shouldn’t have to use when describing a food. However, I like … Continue reading Chocolate Tofu mousse