Lemon Tofu Creams with Ginger Dipping Biscuits

I now have a second recipe for silken tofu, I know lots of people who love the stuff but I’ve struggled to find many uses. It does make a great base though for desserts and if you are allergic to dairy then it is a real winner.
I have whipped it into cool melted chocolate for a delicious non dairy chocolate mousse. And now, discovery no 2 – Add some delicious lemon curd and it will make a delicious tangy lemon cream , a dairy free lemon posset, if you will. Use crunchy ginger biscuits to eat, no spoon required.

lemon tofu cream II

Lemon Tofu Cream Ginger

Serves 6 small or 4 larger appetites

400gr silken tofu
160gr lemon curd (I am boasting when I say I made my own – see recipe here!)
Ginger biscuits to serve

Tip the silken tofu into a blender and process until smooth
Tip into a bowl and gently fold the lemon curd through until incorporated fully
Divide the mix among the serving dishes and chill for at least 30 minutes
Serve with ginger biscuits and enjoy!

Lemon Cream 4

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