Hot and Spicy Quinoa Salad


I’ve mentioned more than once before how much I feel the cold. Exercise helps, anything to get the circulation going. Food helps too.. Like this delicious quinoa salad with roasted harissa basted veggies. paired with any meat chicken or fish is great tho’ on this occasion It was enjoyed just as is. The quinoa is really easy to prepare too . Simply cook in in some vegetable stock if you have it until it is light and fluffy and while it is cooking you can be prepping the veg. A pretty good source of protein and combined with these delicious veg, what’s not to like!

This makes enough roasted veg to combine with 2 cups of quinoa and make plenty for 4.

1 Aubergine diced into 1″ pieces
1 courgette diced into 1″ pieces
1 red onion sliced
1 red pepper diced same
2 tbsp Harissa paste
2 tbsp olive oil
2tbsp chopped coriander to garnish
Mix Harissa paste and olive oil involving enough for all the veggies
Tip In your prepared veg and mix to ensure veg are evenly coated with paste and oil
Season with salt and pepper
Spread out on flat baking tray and into the oven to roast at 180 for about 15 mins
Let it cool slightly and then combine with cooked quinoa
Sprinkle over chopped coriander and and enjoy as is or with some roasted chicken or fish.

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