Chocolate Palmiers

Classic Palmiers are delicious flaky sugary layered puff pastry sheets. Needless to say they are not everyday eating in our house but I was curious about making puff pastry and thought I would give these a go. Chocolate Palmiers are the classic taken up a level with my addition of a melted dark chocolate layer. A real sweet treat and if you buy ready made puff pastry an easy way to produce these melting moments in minutes! The origin of these palmiers or elephant ears is thought to be France where, lets face it all the best pastries seem to come from. Buy the best puff pastry you can, made only with real butter and roll it out as thin as you can. I did make my own but have filed the experience away under the ‘life is too short category’. While my palmiers weren’t the most beautiful looking they were really tasty with my favourite cup of Has Bean coffee… and remember – don’t eat them all!.. Im bringing these to my gymnastics class as a reward for all our hard work twirling around bars and leaping across floors!

1 sheet puff pastry
4oz granulated sugar for sprinkling
3 oz good quality dark chocolate melted

Sprinkle a thin layer of sugar on the counter top and roll out the pastry to a rectangle slightly less than 5mm thick using the sugar instead of flour to roll it on.
Fold one edge to reach the centre of the pastry sheet and repeat on the other side
Press lightly to seal, sprinkle with some more of the sugar and roll out the pastry once again to be the same size as previously
Using a palette knife and working quickly spread the melted chocolate over the pastry right to the edge
Once again fold one edge to reach the centre of the pastry sheet and repeat on the other side and press lightly using the rolling pin to seal.
To make the palmier shape you repeat the above folding but don’t use the rolling pin to seal, instead using a sharp knife cut into 1cm slices, Clean the knife between each cut.
Lay these on a baking sheet leaving room for them to spread.

ready for the oven
Chill for 15 minutes and then cook in hot oven (220C) cut side down for about 12 minutes until they are puffed and golden and all melted chocolatey. Watch them cos they are full of sugar and will burn easily – when they are ready, transfer to a wire rack to cool and enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Chocolate Palmiers

  1. looks wonderful ~

    i recently bought dufour chocolate puff pastry, thinking it would basically be roll-out ready to become chocolate palmiers. but is was solid chocolate rather than layers ~ so this recipe will be my next attempt ~

    love your blog’s name ~ looking forward to browsing around

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