Almond and coconut butter balls

It’s Father’s and I had help this morning to make a special breakfast… Scrambled eggs and asparagus, delicious, easy to make the the perfect start to the day. This was accompanied by special sweets for Dad, made especially for the occasion. Anyone who knows ‘Dad’ will know that sweets wouldn’t be a normal part of his diet so I did some experimenting to come up with something that would deliver on the taste test but also be full of healthy ingredients….. Almond Macaroon Bites were the result, little truffly like balls made with almond butter, melted chocolate, some chia seeds, coconut….. Oh, and avocados!Yep you read it right, I’v been experimenting again with the avocados and it works. This makes about 24, keep them in the fridge, bring them to the gym for a great post workout snack.

Almond and coconut balls
2 Avocados – peeled and stoned
100gr good quality chocolate melted and cooled (I used 70% chocolate drops)
5 tbsp Almond butter – I used one from iherb called earth balance with linseeds, but use any good quality one.
4 tsp of coconut palm sugar
2 tsp Chia seeds
2 tbsp dessicated grated coconut and a few tbsp more for rolling the balls in

Tip avocados and almond butter into the blender and blend until smooth
Tip into a bowl and mix in the rest of the ingredients until fully incorporated
The mix will be quite sticky but still ok to work with so don’t worry!
Scoop a teaspoon of the mix at a time out, roll into a ball and gently roll desiccated coconut and place into little bun or truffle cases
Continue until you have used all the mixture.
Place them in the fridge for a while to set slightly.

Enjoy the taste and all the healthy goodness !

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