Baked Nectarines

A delicious simple way to use Nectarines which focuses on the beauty of the fruit and little else is needed. This is a perfect easy dessert for all the family which works just as well with peaches. Both of these fruit provide vitamins, minerals and health promoting anti oxidants.

A big batch of these served with some almond crackle for crunch would make a lovely crowd pleasing dessert if you are having a barb q and in our case since I spend the weekend cooking up a storm with experimental recipes, was still able to have a little room left for dessert.


1 Nectarine Per Person
30ml Chambord or Cassis per 4 peaches used
Drizzle of Honey

Wash and half the nectrines – do this over a bowl to save any resulting juices
Tip the stones and juices into a pot
Add Chambord or cassis and a little water and bring to a medium simmer
Push all through a sieve, discard stones and set aside

Place nectarines on a baking dish
Drizzle a little honey over them and spoon over the juices
Bake for about 15 minutes and serve with Greek yoghurt ice cream and some almond crackle if you need some crunch.

Greek Yoghurt Ice Cream
500g natural Greek Yoghurt
2 tbsp Honey
100ml water and sugar dissolved to make Sugar Syrup
Mix yoghurt syrup and honey together
Tip into an ice cream maker and churn until softly frozen.
Serve with the warm nectarines and crackle.

Almond Crackle
This is enough for plenty of topping on ice cream or cream, more than enough for the nectarines
100gr slivered almonds
3 tbsp sugar
Tip the sugar and almonds onto a pan with the heat on medium high
Continue to stir as the sugar starts to melt and caramelize
Continue stirring and When the sugar starts to turn brown and the almonds start to brown,
Tip the lot out onto a sheet of parchment and let cool
Use on the nectarines and save the rest in an air tight jar.

baked nectarines

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