Raw Chocolate Bars

Lucuma is a flavored tropical fruit native to Peru. I’ve not seen the fruit much here in Ireland but have been reading up on its use as a replacement sweetener for baking, Having ordered it some time ago from i-herb, I have been busy trying out some recipes –  as a sugar replacement, it is considered superior to sugar, being an excellent source of  fibre, … Continue reading Raw Chocolate Bars

Delicious Fruit and Nut Snacks

I had totally forgotten about these little treats and was rooting though my books of recipes recently and remembered how easy and tasty these little fruit and nut balls are. I developed this receipe for a cookery courses I first gave years ago, as a nice energy giving snack or post workout treat. Really easy to prepare, keep them in an airtight tin if you … Continue reading Delicious Fruit and Nut Snacks

Nut Burgers with chutney and dhal

A delicious break from meat with tasty warming lentils and chutney Today was the first day I was off in a good few weeks, and I spent the morning making Christmas cakes and the house was full of lovely spice smells. We had been away for Saturday night at McNean House enjoying the most amazing creative food I have ever tasted. The result tho’ was … Continue reading Nut Burgers with chutney and dhal