Prune and Chocolate Torte

Prunes would not immediately come to my mind as a favourite fruit… too many memories of summer waitressing jobs and gangs of older people (so it seemed to my tender age) wanting a prune juice to keep them regular. However, this chocolate torte is rich with brandy soaked prunes – a real indulgence and of course the best chocolate you have in the house will only do for this recipe – If it is Scotch or Cadbury’s wait until you do the shopping… This is an amazing treat, easy to make and delicious hot or cold!.

Serves 8
4oz prunes halved and stoned, soaked in 3 tbsp brandy
1 oz cocoa powder
5oz dark chocolate at least 70%, broken up into pieces
2oz butter
4 oz coconut palm sugar
4 egg whites
3 oz gluten free plain flour (or if you dont choose gluten free the other will work also)
Creme fraiche to serve if you like

Oven at 190C
Butter and line a 20cm tin
Put cocoa, chocolate butter and 3oz of the sugar in a pan, add 100ml of hot water and gently heat until it is smooth and everything is melted – set aside to cool.
Whisk egg whites to soft peaks then whisk in the remaining ounce of sugar.
Sift the flour over it gently and fold in to incorporate using a metal spoon so you dont bang too much air out
Add the chocolate mixture and fold gently until incorporated.
Pour into a tin and arrange the prunes over the top and sprinkle over any remaining brandy.
Bake for about 25 or 30 minutes until just firm.
Serve warm or cool with or without creme fraich as it is delicious as is!

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