Quick Salmon & Herb Dip

There is an ancient Irish legend about the Salmon of knowledge – Even in those days they must have known about the brain power of this great oily fish. This is really simple to make for a speedy lunch on the go and also works great as a pre-appetizer if having friends over – isn’t there nothing better than a good multitasking recipe. For my own lunch I have this with a pile of raw veggies and if having a pile of friends over I serve it with baguette brushed with olive oil, well seasoned and toasted in the oven. The horseradish gives this interest and distinguishes it from other run of the mill salmon dips.

4oz delicious Irish Smoked salmon
3oz cream cheese
3 tbsp organic creme fraiche – I always buy Glenisk
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp horseradish
Salt and pepper
Large handful of chopped dill and chives

Tip the cream cheese and creme fraiche into a food processor and blend until smooth
Add the salmon and pulse until incorporated but be careful as you still want texture
Stir in the lemon juice, horseradish and herbs.
Season and taste and adjust if necessary.
Delicious and very quick and easy.

2 thoughts on “Quick Salmon & Herb Dip

  1. I would need to replace the cream and cream cheese (lactose-intolerance here) but otherwise it looks great. I also like your little carrot bundles!

    1. Thank you!. Im sure you must be used to tweaking recipes to ensure you dont cause a flare up. Apart from using lactose free substitutes, you could go back to the drawing board with this and make a lovely herb dressing and gently cream into the salmon into that. Im thinking maybe whizz up a bag of coriander, some spring onions, olive oils and perhaps a hit of a PX reduction or maybe a bit of the horseradish…. might be nice? I must try that!!!:-)

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