Mini almond tartlets with Cream and Fruit

These almond tartlets just sing summer with the beautiful seasonal fruit on top. I even had some strawberries from the garden to put on them but they got nabbed before I had a chance to use them to fill the tarts. They are a cinch to make, the oven does all the work and they look so very lovely that anyone would think they require loads of effort. Not so, a little bit of mixing and they are ready to cook. When they come out of the oven they need to sit for about 2 minutes to firm up enough to get out of the tin. after that you can fill with cream and fruit, fruit only if you are not a cream fan and they are ready to eat. The crunchy base is the perfect contrast to delicious ripe fruit and they look so pretty whether for afternoon tea (does anyone ‘do’ afternoon tea anymore?) or for dessert on a special occasion.

Oven at 180C
Makes 24
4 oz each of unsalted soft butter, coconut palm sugar and almond flour.
Beat the butter and sugar until just mixed
Stir in the almond flour, don’t overwork, just until incorporated.
Place spoonfuls of the mixture into patty tins and bake until golden brown about 12 minutes. Don’t worry about spreading the mix out, the oven does all the work… amazing!
Leave to sit about 2 mins and pop out onto wire tray. If they go too crunch and you cant get them out, pop them back in the oven for about 30 seconds and they will soften up.

Fill them with cream and fruit just before serving as they won’t sit for any longer than about 45 minutes… They won’t last that long either i would say. Enjoy!…

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