Aubergine & Courgette stacks and lemon chicken brochettes

My darling mum made ratatouille most Sundays as an accompaniment to the roast. Sunday dinners were always large affairs, our big family and any friends, boyfriends or girlfriends who happened to be around were always welcome at her table.  This recipe came a bit from Dublin Cookery School and a bit from memories of my mum although she  always made it in a casserole dish … Continue reading Aubergine & Courgette stacks and lemon chicken brochettes

Moroccan Style Vegetable Fritters

Vegetable fritters are a cinch to make, because everything is grated they take no time to cook. They are a great way to hide vegetables if the kids in your house are a bit fussy. I think these are much better than your average fritter because I have used gram flour and poppy seeds instead of just plain white flour. Apart from the nutritional benefits … Continue reading Moroccan Style Vegetable Fritters

Green your kitchen for earth day….

I have reposted this in honour of earth day 2012.. Every little helps so here is how to make your kitchen a little greener.. At this time of year my world is starting to revolve around my garden, getting it ready for summer and planning my herbs and veggies for the coming months. The Irish weather can always be a challenge but I’m really optimistic … Continue reading Green your kitchen for earth day….

Sweet Potato Gratin

I love vegetable gratin, delicious root veggies cooked with milk cream and garlic.. There is no nicer comfort food. If you are off the milk or cream then nearly as nice with stock and a tin of coconut milk instead.So many possibilities is what makes this so interesting and I think my favourite is with sweet potato and chorizo. Buy the wide chorizo and cut … Continue reading Sweet Potato Gratin