Baked Fish with Greek Salad

Baked Mediterranean Style Fish and Greek Salad This is a delicious recipe which is full of flavour as well as lots of nutrients. Serves 4 4 fillets of choice about 170gr each, skinned and bones removed (choose from sea bass,sea bream, halibut, hake or salmon. Even a handful or 2 of prawns per person would work) 2 cooked red peppers trimmed and sliced Large handful … Continue reading Baked Fish with Greek Salad

Delicious Berry Cobbler

A delicious easy dessert you can have ready in no time. This is easy to make gluten free and dairy free if needed. Oven at 170C 10oz plain four and 2oz oats or 12oz plain flour including gluten free if needed 12oz milk of choice 1 tsp each of salt & baking powder 4oz coconut palm sugar 10-12oz mixed berries – you can use frozen … Continue reading Delicious Berry Cobbler

Spiced Black eyed Beans and Brisket

This recipe is really versatile, you can omit the meat for a delicious filling plant based dish or substitute with a different red meat or lamb. It takes a few minutes to put together and then just cooks away. Spiced Black eyed Beans and Brisket 2 medium white onions thinly sliced 2 cloves of garlic peeled and chopped 3 carrots peeled and chopped into pieces … Continue reading Spiced Black eyed Beans and Brisket

Moroccan style chicken with chickpeas

Moroccan Paprika Chicken with Chickpeas & Chorizo This is perfect family food. Make a big batch and freeze half, Make it go further with rice or potatoes if you need to. Serves 6 3 Tins chickpeas net weight 240g each 6 chicken breasts 2tbsp flour 2tsp paprika 1 large white onion 1tsp chopped garlic 30g chorizo thinly sliced 1tsp cumin seed 1tsp ras el hanout … Continue reading Moroccan style chicken with chickpeas