All good baked flapjacks

by grainnep

There are loads of flapjack recipes out there and my other half ( is very fond of the raw variety. I prefer to bake them, finding the texture nicer. Which ever you prefer (mine please!) they are a great filler if you have missed lunch, a great energy boosting snack and full of great ingredients. It goes without saying that these are a mile away from the packaged variety usually full of hydrogenated fats and damm all else yet labelled healthy due to the oat content. Try making these instead and I swear you will never have to hear the rustle of a flapjack package again!

30gr walnuts
40gr cashews
70gr soft pitted prunes
40gr soft dried cranberries
50gr mix of sunflower pumpkin and chia seeds
200gr oats
35gr almond flour
100gr unsalted butter
25gr coconut palm sugar
60ml honey and 2 tbsp water

Blend the nuts prunes cranberries and seeds until they resemble soft crumbs.
Tip into a bowl And add the oats and almond flour and stir well to combine.
Melt the butter and add the water , coconut palm sugar and honey, briefly bring to the boil and stir to combine
Tip into the mixture and stir to combine
Tip into a standard flat baking tray and press down well with a spoon
Bake 160C for about 25 minutes
Remove from the oven and while it is cooling, press another tin down firmly on the mix to ensure it sets.
When cool, melt 150gr of good quality chocolate and pour over the flapjacks and when set cut into bars-I usually get about 12-15 from this tin……Yummy